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Peacebuilding in Everyday Life Detail
Item #: PLI-103
Price: $49.95
Here are a few sample activities from this program:
Peacebuilding in Everyday Life
by Louise Diamond

Peacebuilding in Everday Life is a home study program that focuses on how to apply the Four Principles of Peace in your life and work:

The Four Principles of Peace
Community / Witness / Nonviolence / Cooperation

Peacebuilding in Everday Life lays the foundation for the Peace Builders track of our Peace Leadership Institute and is suitable for all audiences - those starting out on the path of peace and people who wish to deepen their understanding and commitment to fostering a culture of peace. The program includes 50 dynamic activities, many valuable resources as well as 20 supplemental reading selections.

Designed as a self-paced program, this program includes the following materials:

  • Peacebuilding in Everday Life, 188-page study guide
  • Peacebuilding in Everday Life, audio CD
  • The Peace Book: 108 Simple Ways to Create a More Peaceful World
  • The Quest for Peace: A Self-Assessment Tool

This program makes a wonderful gift for all those who you wish to help along on the path of peace, including yourself.

PLI-103 Peacebuilding in Everyday Life, Louise Diamond………. $49.95

Please view our Peace Leadership Institute for additional education programs.

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