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Peace Leadership Institute Faculty

Jackie Bahn-Henkelman is a principal in Bahn Henkelman Consultants. She is an NTL trainer, a member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and actively consults and delivers training for the United Nations - Office of Human Resources Management: Staff Development and Training Service.

She has over 25 years of experience as a trainer and consultant in human resource development, organization development and multinational management. As academic dean of International Management of Development Associates (MoDA) she co-designed and delivered a comprehensive management skills program for all senior and mid-level managers of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She has worked extensively in the US , Africa , Asia , the Caribbean , South America and Europe .

As a human relations trainer, she delivered training-of-trainers in the areas of human interactions, group development, and experiential design skills. Jackie is a trained mediator, and has delivered negotiation skills training to Resident Representatives and Resident Coordinators of the United Nations, Unifem representatives of the Asian Pacific Rim, and various groups of key government officials. She was a founding board member and co-developer of a grass roots community leadership program for IMPACT Silver Spring , Maryland and was an interim executive director of The Servant-Leader Development Center located in Alexandria , VA.

In the area of 360 instruments, she has been certified and experienced in delivering Clark Wilson Survey of Management Practices, and Survey of Leadership Practices; Center for Creative Leadership, Benchmarks; and Lominger products including Career Architect, Recruiting Architect and all of the Organizational Architect assessments. She is the co-creator of two 360 feedback instruments: Management and Leadership Practices Inventory and Team work and Support Practices Inventory for the UN.

Jackie holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from the University of Maryland College Park . She is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Organization and Systems Development Program (OSD), and Group Track.

Louise Diamond, has been a professional peacebuilder since 1988. Bringing her extensive work as human behavior specialist and trainer to bear on international issues, she has worked in such places as Bosnia, Cyprus, Israel/Palestine, Liberia, the Horn of Africa, India/Pakistan, and with the Tibetan government-in-exile to help train local peacebuilders and build peace systems. Louise has published four books on peace, and is a frequent public speaker and conference presenter around the world. She offers training and consulting programs dealing with a variety of peacebuilding and leadership issues for schools, communities, organizations, and businesses of all sizes - locally and globally. Louise received a Ph.D. in Peace Studies from the Union Institute in 1990.

Mary Dumas, Principal of Dumas & Associates, Inc., is a mediator, facilitator and peacebuilder who has been assisting and educating individuals and organizations in the constructive use of conflict and change for over 20 years. As an educator, she has extensive experience in program design, curriculum development, and training for professionals in leadership, conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation, negotiation, and peacemaking. Mary has conducted over 300 facilitations and mediations involving community, public policy, organizational development, environmental, commercial, and family issues. She is known for her interest-based approach, which assures that diverse perspectives are engaged in building lasting solutions.

Deborah Howard, Esq., M.S.O.D., is dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations maximize their potential, enhance their effectiveness, and create and maintain work environments that are inclusive and just. She consults to leaders, teams, and organizations on leadership, team building, diversity, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and overall organization development.  Among the services she provides are consulting, facilitation, executive coaching, training, and other organization development and strategic services to non-profit organizations, government agencies, hospitals, unions, educational institutions, legal services organizations, courts, bar associations, foundations, law schools, law firms, international investment banks, and corporations.

Her professional life began in the field of law.   After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Harvard University , she went on to receive a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law.  She went to law school with the goal of using the law to help create positive social change.  After litigating in the public services area for a number of years in both Anchorage, Alaska and New York City , she became disillusioned with the legal system and adversarial process.  Rather than taking sides in win-lose scenarios, she wanted to find ways to work with people to help them build and maintain connections.  It was that desire that led her to return to school to receive her Masters Degree in Organization Development from American University/NTL.

Her professional life includes positions in the varied environments of government agencies, court systems, law firms, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Following law school, Deborah Howard clerked at the Alaska Court of Appeals and was an Assistant Attorney General for Alaska ’s Office of the Attorney General. She has also worked in private practice in Washington , D.C. , as an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of New York Department of Law, as a legal recruiter, and as the Director of Career Services at New York Law School . Prior to becoming a consultant full-time, she became Project Director of the Law School Consortium Project. That project, funded by the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute, was designed to study and promote models for supporting law graduates in meeting the legal needs of low and moderate-income individuals and communities.

Deborah Howard ’s background and training in diversity includes a Certificate in Culturally Competent Human Services from the Temple University Multicultural Research and Training Institute as well as coursework in human interaction and diversity at the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science of which she is a member.

Jim Henkelman-Bahn is a principal in Bahn Henkelman Consultants. He practices as an independent consultant in organization development, leadership development and diversity management. Much of his work in recent years has been in developing countries working through United Nations agencies. While his practice includes both the non-profit as well as for-profit organizations and agencies, more focus has been with non-profit organizations including educational and faith-based organizations.

Jim has his doctorate from Harvard University and a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences from Whitworth College . During his career on the faculty of the University of Maryland College Park , he initiated and directed an experiential doctoral program in Human Resource Development. He is currently an Emeritus Associate Professor in the College of Education at the University of Maryland . He has also been a member of the faculty of the Cleveland State University Master's Degree, Diversity Management Program, offered in collaboration with the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences. He is a member of the NTL Institute and the OD Network.

Recently Jim has worked with a new non-profit organization in his community of Silver Spring , Maryland , to develop leadership for diverse grassroots existing and potential leaders. The organization, IMPACT Silver Spring , envisions a community of empowered peoples where all have a full voice in this demographically changing inner suburb of Washington , DC.

Alan A. Klein has worked in a variety of public and private settings as a coach, trainer, consultant, facilitator, administrator, and teacher. Currently he specializes in the areas of leadership, valuing diversity, team-building, and communication. He also provides organizations and other groups with support and facilitation in the use of large group methodologies such as SimuReal, Future Search, and Open Space Technology. He was elected to membership in the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science in 1998 and is currently serving on the NTL Board of Directors.

In 1975, Alan co-founded the Deliberate Positive Self-Image Development Project in Ann Arbor Michigan , which focused on developing communications and interpersonal skills among at-risk students. In 1981, he co-founded The Highland School, a rural-based educational institution serving Appalachian youth as well as students from around the country. A member of the National Organization Development Network and the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network, he served two terms on the CBODN Board of Directors as Communications Chair and Newsletter Editor. Since 1989, he has provided consulting, training, and facilitation in a variety of organization and management development topics to business, educational, and non-profit organizations. In 1996/97 he served as a staff member of the Fellows Program in Change Management and Applied Behavioral Science at The Johns Hopkins University.

Alan received his M.Ed. in experiential and alternative education at West Virginia University and holds a BA in Social Science and Psychology from the University of Michigan . He is a certified administrator of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI ®). Along with his father, Donald C. Klein, he authored a chapter in the Barrett-Koehler book, The Change Handbook, on the SimuReal large group change methodology.

Sue Ries Lamb has provided organization development consulting services to over 400 national and international organizations in the public and private sectors over the last 30 years. She has designed and delivered over 500 instructor-led training programs to all types of organizations and groups, and has served on the faculties of the JFK University and the California Institute for Integral Studies. Her areas of specialization include leadership development, cultural change, team building, cross-cultural relationships and large-scale organization change processes. As a student of Native American practices and the grandmother of four young grandchildren, Sue has become increasingly dedicated to peace building in the inner and extended circles of her life.

Alexsandra Stewart, MA , is an early practitioner of appreciative inquiry, and has used AI technology and philosophy with organizations, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and major corporations, internationally and domestically. She specializes in the design of collaborative programs, workshops, and activities that involve all levels of organizations and projects.


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